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We help you map the human potential in your company and offer your employees the opportunity to further develop themselves in a personal and challenging way. Thanks to our user friendly tool UQ Career and the support of passionate HR specialists we prepare your company for the future of work.

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DigiSkills Passport

Based on more than two years of intensive research conducted by Agoria and more than 60 experts, the innovative module DigiSkills Passport captures the digital readiness of all your employees in order for them to know how to prepare themselves for their job of the future.

Illustraties UQ website-11Accessible Career Ownership

Conscious career choices and personal development for everyone, that is our mission. UQ Career ensures that employees will get to know themselves better and that thanks to more self-knowledge and self-confidence they’ll make the right choices throughout their career.

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Smart Assessment & Recruitment

In this digital era, developing people and recruiting them will never be the same again. UQ stands for who a person really is and it always brings out the best in someone. Innate talents, motivation, expected KAZI work values and team roles, added with personal- and digital skills, will guide you through your career path. With the Team Configurator you immediately witness the added value of each employee in a team or project.

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Actionable Human Analytics

Although we always keep the potential and expectations of an individual in mind, it is precisely because of that that we’ve been able to create relevant and applicable human analytics. Due to our Employability Scan and Digital Readiness Scan, you precisely know how to stimulate teams and employees and to make them grow. Sustainable employability is now more than ever tangible.

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Best-in-class Mobile Learning 

Mobile first micro-learning will make lifelong learning manageable and keep it interesting. An immediate increase in engagement and performance will be noticeable thanks to the analytics. Our team combines more than 15 years of relevant experience in creative, engaging E-learning with the most advanced mobile learning technology of the moment. Based on the UQ of your employees we create a personal and customized learning experience. 

Illustraties UQ website-10Our Expertise & Services

Due to our easily scalable self-assessments and applicable analytics, our certified HR Experts, partners and coaches have the most complete, substantive insights to devise a plan of approach and to directly implement this plan with regards to the development of your human capital. The domains of expertise of these experts are very divers on the level of individuals, teams and organisations and we strive for a perfect match between the expert and your company together with its challenges.

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Our nomination for the HR Excellence Awards is a great recognition and incentive for our teams to continue their inspiring work in close collaboration with our customers.

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Klanten en referenties
Klanten en referenties

UQ Career Expert Certification

As an HR professional, coach or recruiter you can become a UQ Career Certified Expert during a dynamic one-day course. You get to know the ins & outs of this innovative and layered method. After completing this course you can guide employees one-on-one or in teams towards better career choices and career ownership.
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