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Book a demo is your preferred partner that connects employees with the training, knowledge and communities needed to improve the quality of their work and life. It makes microlearning accessible and internal communication fun. We offer not only the best technology, used by more than 1 million users, the real game-changers are our self-assessment and training modules and the groundbreaking DigiSkills Passport.

We encourage employee engagement and retention. Together we build a great future of work!

UQ Pocket Coach

Modular and personalized microlearning, inspiring internal communication and a connected employee community in one app, that is the core of our offer.

✔  Inspirational tailor-made microlearning.
✔  Adapted to our mobile lifestyle.
✔  Modular training and content creation.
✔  Informed and connected team members.
✔  + 1M users, Gartner magic quadrant 

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UQ Learning Lab

UQ Learning Experience

By combining inspirational and personalized content with technology, the impact on your company and the lives of your employees is enhanced. Our Learning Lab team is your dedicated partner in your organization's learning strategy.

✔  Over 15 years of experience in creative digital learning.
✔  Assistance with your training, learning and content strategy.
✔  Mobile-native off-the-shelf content adapted to your vision.
✔  Cost-efficient co-creation of multimedia content.

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Make your organization future-ready!

27 skills as your passport to the future

Complete your DigiSkills Passport for free

UQ Job Boost

Job Boost makes career ownership tangible. It is an inclusive self-assessment for each employee or applicant as a basis for a personal development plan. Employees get to know themselves better, gain more self-confidence and make more conscious choices about their future.

✔  Intuitive and self-service assessment and discovery zone.
✔  Inclusive approach with the 5 UQ building blocks.
✔  Team Configurator with the Kazi Work Values and Team Roles.
✔  Employability and Digital Readiness Analytics and Insights.

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UQ Job Boost
How well do you know yourself?

UQ helps every employee to make the right
career and learning choices based on more
self-knowledge and self-confidence.

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UQ Expert Services

UQ Expert Services

Through our easily scalable solutions and applicable analytics, our certified HR experts, coaches and partners have the most complete insights to help organizations develop a growth plan for their human potential.

✔  HR transformation projects.
✔  Team and leadership coaching formats.
✔  Personal live and blended coaching.
✔  Inclusive workforce planning and mobility.
✔  Mentorship and peer-to-peer formats.

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 People engaged in training and personal development
tend to stay much longer in organizations. 

- Deloitte -

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