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As an edutech and learning content company, builds dynamic (social) learning communities to support your employees' personal growth. We identify personal learning opportunities, make internal communication fun (again) and guide the learning experience in your organisation from an average engagement of 20% to +80%!

Discover here why 1.5 million users chose the best microlearning technology (Teach on Mars!). At the same time, we dare you to our groundbreaking DigiSkills Passport™ self-assessment to find out how future ready you really are...

Boosting Talents & Skills

Using Job Boost, we make career ownership tangible. As a basis for a personal development plan, each employee or applicant gets our comprehensive self-assessment, including the DigiSkills Passport™. This selection of 27 personal and professional skills gives them a unique insight into which areas they can empower their growth.

✔  Intuitive and self-service assessment and discovery zone
✔  Inclusive approach with the 5 UQ building blocks
✔  Team configurator with the Kazi work values and team roles
✔  Employability and digital readiness analytics and insights
✔  Personalised training with DigiSkills Academy

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Introducing the Learning Experience

By combining inspirational and personalised content with modular microlearning technology, the impact on your company and the lives of your employees will be enhanced. Add an inspiring internal communication and a connected employee community. Discover the UQ Pocket Coach app!

Our Learning Lab team is your dedicated partner in your organisation's learning strategy, ensuring that your community thrives.

✔  Over 15 years of experience in creative digital learning
✔  Inspirational tailor-made microlearning
✔  Assistance with your training, learning and content strategy
✔  Mobile-native off-the-shelf content adapted to your vision
✔  Cost-efficient co-creation of multimedia content

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Creating a Learning Community

Imagine co-workers encouraging each other to read an inspiring article, giving each other tips to boost productivity, or even offering emotion support during tough times: a learning community is much more than just taking a course. It's a group of like-minded individuals eager to share knowledge or starting a conversation and discovering new insights without even trying.

Imagine our dedicated Community Managers guiding your organisation's learning experience, co-creating an exciting hub & thirst for knowledge.

✔  Co-creation of learning modules
✔  Personalised content for your organisation & teams
✔  Dedicated Community Managers create & monitor content
✔  Interactive learning environment

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How well do you know yourself?

UQ helps every employee to make the right
career and learning choices based on more
self-knowledge and self-confidence.

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UQ Masterclass & DigiSkills Academy

In this fast-paced world, every professional is continually learning and growing. The UQ Team offers specialised trainings to continue and add to your own learning journey. From our easily accessible DigiSkills Academy, to our first class Masterclass sessions: there's something for everyone. Discover our training facilities & find the class for you!

✔  Extensive training library, including DigiSkills Academy
✔  In-depth LinkedIn training by leading authorities
✔  ELPA learning expert content 

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Your Teach on Mars Partner

Organisations of 2,000+ employees need a different touch. As exclusive Teach on Mars partner for the BeNeLux, we pair world-class technology with UQ skills & expertise to elevate your learning experience. As we build your learning community, your organisation will quickly enjoy a boost in employee engagement, as well as job satisfaction.

✔  The most complete mobile-native solution
✔  Simplicity meets enterprise-level performance
✔  Personalised app with your own branding
✔  A-to-Z support with partnership options

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 People engaged in training and personal development
tend to stay much longer in organizations. 

- Deloitte -

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