Expert Certification

The UQ solutions and apps have been developed to make
real-life coaching accessible and scalable via blended or
phygital coaching paths
with our certified experts.

Become an expert

✔  Go through our online or offline Expert Training.
✔  Discover the origin and value of the 5 UQ building blocks.
✔  Learn how to use and interpret the UQ tools.
✔  Analyze the employability and DigiSkills insights.
✔  Integrate the UQ tools into client projects.

Expert Certification
Expert Certification

Phygital and blended coaching

Phygital and blended coaching is the future. The combination of live coaching and technology makes it possible to increase the efficiency, scalability and performance of coaching.

✔  Blended coaching tracks tailored to each target group.
✔  Direct communication with the coachee(s).
✔  Microlearning co-creation and integration possibilities.
✔  Training and engagement analytics and insights.

Join our community

✔  Personal area with the results of your coachee(s).
✔  Digital training zone with exclusive content and videos.
✔  Free upgrades of all technology releases.
✔  Support by our community manager.
✔  Access to inspiring webinars and information sessions.
✔  Deployment opportunity for UQ Expert assignments.

Expert Certification

Our experts

Meet our passionate, certified experts who are active in a wide
range of fields. After analysing your project, we carefully match
the right experts and coaches with your challenges.

Let's meet!

Do you have a question, would you like to work together or are you interested in one of our solutions? Send us a message to get started with your Digital Learning, Employee Community or Career Ownership.