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Conscious career choices and personal development for everyone, that's our mission. UQ Career ensures that employees get to know themselves better and are able to make the right choices in their careers based on more self-knowledge and self-confidence.

Now that lifelong learning is the norm for the future, it is important to develop competences and skills that match who you are and what you enjoy doing. Facilitating sustainable employability and workability is a priority for employees, employers as well as the government.

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Circles Illustrations-19Talents & Strenghts

The Talent & Strengths Finder maps your intrinsic talents and strengths in a language and IQ independent way.

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Digital Skills Pasport

The Digital Skills Passport maps the digital readiness of employees in order for them to prepare themselves for the jobs of the future - powered by Agoria.

Circles_27Work Values

The first part of the Kazi integration gauges the most important work values that you expect in your job.

Circles_28Team roles

In addition, the second part of the Kazi integration creates a clear picture of the team roles that suit you best.


Motivational Drivers

The Motivation Compass examines the central drivers that motivate you and give you energy, based on five genuinely happy memories.

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Conscious career choices and personal development for everyone, that is our mission. UQ Career ensures that employees will get to know themselves better and that thanks to more self-knowledge and self-confidence they’ll make the right choices throughout their career.

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In this digital era, developing people and recruiting them will never be the same again. UQ stands for who a person really is and it always brings out the best in someone. Innate talents, motivation, expected KAZI work values and team roles, added with personal- and digital skills, will guide you through your career path. With the Team Configurator you immediately witness the added value of each employee in a team or project.

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Although we always keep the potential and expectations of an individual in mind, it is precisely because of that that we’ve been able to create relevant and applicable human analytics. Due to our Employability Scan and Digital Readiness Scan, you precisely know how to stimulate teams and employees and to make them grow. Sustainable employability is now more than ever tangible.

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Mobile first micro-learning will make lifelong learning manageable and keep it interesting. An immediate increase in engagement and performance will be noticeable thanks to the analytics. Our team combines more than 15 years of relevant experience in relevance and especially in fascinating E-learning with the most sophisticated and used mobile learning technology of the moment. Based on the UQ of your employees we create a personal and customized learning experience. 

Team Formats


The UQ Employability Scan maps the workability of organizations, with attention to the talents and strengths, motivational drivers, work values and team roles of its employees.

Talent Boost

The UQ Talent Boost is an inspiring event where talent is mapped individually or in groups. Learnings and hands-on tips are exchanged during an interactive Talent Speed Dating.

De The UQ Team Building is an interactive event where your team members get to know each other in a unique way. Tailored to your organization, we surprise your management and employees with the UQ Talent Games.



UQ Career is the ideal basis for exploring your development as a manager, team manager or employee. Do you excel in debating, presenting or planning? Our coaches help you to emphasize your talents and strengths during a session or process and to improve your points of attention.


Want to put your employees on the optimal route within your company? Recognize and prevent burnout? Career guidance extends beyond determining the ideal job. Our coaches guide employees in searching, finding and motivating their job. Together with the coachee, they define the career goal via online and offline coaching, as well as a realistic career path.

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