UQ Pocket Coach

Modular and varied microlearning combined
with inspiring internal communication and a
connected employee community in one app.

Why UQ Pocket Coach?

✔  Inspiring microlearning, where, when and how you want.
✔  Personalized and adapted to our mobile lifestyle.
✔  Inform and connect any team member at work and remotely.
✔  Encourage ambassadorship and internal mentorship.
✔  Share information and inspiration with your team members.
✔  Easily combine with live coaching and training sessions.
✔  Increase employee engagement, retention and performance.

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UQ Pocket Coach

What can you expect?

✔  Multimedia wall with personal newsfeed and push notifications.
✔  Fully modular and intuitive training and content creation.
✔  +20 intuitive formats for training, games, surveys, quizzes,...
✔  Best-in-class technology used by +1 million users.
✔  Branded employee community based on your corporate culture.
✔  Short 5 minute training courses for better learning performance.
✔  100% native, omni-channel, multilingual and offline accessible.

Content Coordination Center

✔  Upload and edit content and training paths easily.
✔  Define user groups and segment user rights.
✔  Add your own or external content directly.
✔  Enable co-creation based on objective and interest.
✔  Integrate easily with external software, social media and LMS.
✔  Monitor learning and engagement statistics and insights.
✔  Develop a well-founded human development strategy.

UQ Pocket Coach

UQ Learning Lab

With over 15 years of experience in developing creative and
inspiring digital learning, the Learning Lab team is your
dedicated partner to empower your human potential.

Learning formats à la carte

✔  Assistance with your training, learning and content strategy.
✔  Mobile-native off-the-shelf content adapted to your vision.
✔  Cost-efficient co-creation of new multimedia content.
✔  Adapting and upgrading existing and external content.
✔  DigiSkills Academy with future-proof digital skills.
✔  Live training sessions at individual and team level.

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UQ Learning Lab
DigiSkills Passport

In collaboration with Agoria, Roland Berger and a team of +60 experts, UQ mapped the most relevant competencies of today and 2030 for +700 specific profiles. The DigiSkills Passport is a selection of 27 personal and professional skills that allow you to prepare for the digital challenges of tomorrow.

DigiSkills Academy

The DigiSkills Academy identifies specific learning modules and proposes the appropriate training for each of the 27 DigiSkills. This suggestion is based on personal strengths and growth potential and serves as an incentive to prepare employees for the jobs of the future with more self-knowledge and self-confidence.

DigiSkills Readiness

The DigiSkills Readiness Analytics and Insights are generated based on the aggregated data of your employees' DigiSkills Passports. It clearly shows which teams you can develop, which skills they can strengthen, and to what extent. Our experts can assist you in the form of various coaching programs.

UQ Job Boost

Job Boost is an inclusive self-assessment for every employee or applicant as the start of a personal development plan. Employees get to know themselves better, gain more self-confidence and make more conscious choices about their future.

Job Boost

✔  Intuitive and self-service assessment and discovery zone.
✔  Inclusive approach with the 5 UQ building blocks.
✔  Employability and Digital Readiness analytics and insights.
✔  Team Configurator with the Kazi Work Values and Team Roles.
✔  Certified Expert Platform with additional coaching insights.

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Job Boost

The UQ building blocks

Talent Finder

What are the
intrinsic talents
I was born with?

DigiSkills Passport

What are the 27
digital skills needed
for my (future) job?

Work Values & Team Roles
Work Values
& Team Roles

What are my
expected work values
& suitable team roles?

Motivation Compass

What are the 5
motivational drivers
that give me energy?

UQ Expert Services

Through our easily scalable tools and applicable analytics, our certified
HR experts, coaches and partners have the most complete insights to
help organizations develop a growth plan for their human potential.
We match the right experts with the needs of your organization.

Expert Services

✔  HR transformation projects.
✔  Team and leadership coaching formats.
✔  Personal live and blended coaching.
✔  Inclusive workforce planning and mobility.
✔  Mentorship and peer-to-peer formats.

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Expert Services

 One in two employees wants to switch jobs within
the first year of employment because of a mismatch
in job or personal development expectations. 

- Source: Gallup -

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