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The UQ Masterclass & DigiSkills Academy

The UQ Masterclass offers top-of-the-line training programmes by our team of certified trainers & international experts. We cover a wide range of subjects for all audiences, in all possible formats, such as live-, blended- and microlearning. From certified LinkedIn training – brought to you by well-renowned LinkedIn expert Bert Verdonck– to lifehacks: the UQ Masterclass dares you to level up.

The DigiSkills Academy is a training programme in the UQ Pocket Coach for anyone looking to improve their digital knowledge. Subjects range from personal resilience to digital cooperation and making data-driven decisions. The 27 skills of the DigiSkills Academy were identified by the Be the Change Study as the most relevant competencies of today and for 2030.

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Your Training Director

Meeting your every training need is Bert Verdonck, our Training Director and world-class LinkedIn expert, social media trainer and lifehacker. In 2010, he became one of the first officially certified LinkedIn trainers and his bestseller “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” is but one of his 9 published books. His expertise guarantees that all training programmes are best-in-class with tremendous learnings for you and your team.

How to REALLY use LinkedIn
For everyone
How to REALLY use LinkedIn
For sales teams
How to REALLY use LinkedIn
For recruiters
How to REALLY use LinkedIn
For marketeers
How to REALLY use LinkedIn
Ambassador program
How to build a social media plan
Employer branding with impact
Train the trainer with impact
Life Hacks & Time Squeezers
Personal Skills
Personal Digital Skills
Professional Digital Skills


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