Curious about the experiences of our customers and partners? View the testimonials below and get acquainted with the various applications and benefits of our HR software.

Testimonial Nyota Mweze
Project Coordinator Welt at Voka

Testimonial Jan Buermans (1)
Leadership Expert

Testimonial Victoria Hingre
CEO of Goverlead

Testimonial Jan Buermans (2)
Leadership Expert

Testimonial Barent Bulcke
CEO of BBSC Architects

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Wondering if UQ Career is a match with your employees? Interested in the benefits of Q7 Leader for your managers? Experience the user-friendliness of our HR tools in the demos below.

Demo UQ Career
for employees

Demo UQ

Trainings & events

In addition to creating our HR solutions, our team is constantly busy spreading our knowledge. We are able to inform and inspire interested parties through trainings or events. Discover how this works out in the videos below!

UQ Career
Expert Certification

Axa Talent Days

In addition to our wide range of informative and educational videos, our website also contains a great amount of written HR content. Discover the blog articles of our HR experts in the link below.

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