Vision & mission

More than 25 years of research and development

UQ consists of various innovative and validated methods to map talent, motivation, work values, team roles and (digital) skills. More than 25 years of research and development form the basis of our tools. This knowledge is continuously being further developed in collaboration with HR experts, psychologists and our great team of developers.

HR Tech is cool but it becomes a game-changer if you integrate it with years of ground-breaking research and content and then fuse it with AI. That's what we did, ready to inspire the careers of employees and the work of coaches, team managers, HR and business leaders.

Our UQ Career solution is continuously updated with best in class practices, latest HR evolutions and insights and an enhanced user experience. Leveraging the human potential of an organization is our core mission.

More than 25 years of research and development

Your UQ = your selfknowledge coefficient

Quotients such as IQ, EQ and LQ are well known, but not all-embracing. The missing link is how well do you know yourself? (UQ)  We assess your intrinsic talents and strengths, motivating drivers, competences, work values and team roles and match it with your personal growth path. Knowing who you are and what you are good at is the basis for making the right choices in your personal and professional life.

Our vision & mission

With UQ Career we offer HR tools that stimulate sustainable employability in small, medium and large organizations based on a scientific basis and analytical foundation. We strive for human potential development and empowerment from management and HR.

Employees gain insight into their own abilities, knowledge and potential. Managers are challenged to seize those opportunities and to boost their teams as well as their own capacities.

With a team of passionate and specialized UQ experts, we guarantee a long-term approach tailored to companies, managers and coaches.

Our vision and mission